prosthetic implants

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About prosthetic implants

1/ Fixed prosthesis on implant

Crowns and bridges can be made over implants. One or more impressions are made and the prosthesis is then fabricated by a dental specialist before being attached to the implants.

There are two categories of dental prostheses fixed on implants.

The cemented prosthesis. It requires the placement of an intermediate element called an abutment or false stump, screwed on the implant and on which the ceramic prosthesis will be cemented.

The screw-retained prosthesis. In the center of the prosthesis there is an access for the screw that will allow the tooth to be “screwed” on the thread of the implant. This access will then be filled in to conceal and protect it. This screw-retained monoblock crown is fixed to the implant only by screwing, without using cement. Both concepts have their own clinical indications, advantages and limitations.

2/ Removable prosthesis on implants

Removable partial or complete dentures can be stabilized with implants. Implants are placed before the prosthesis is made or under an existing prosthesis. The prosthesis is attached to the implants by means of fasteners that are often in the form of small snaps.

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