the jawline Contouring

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About The jawline Contouring

What is Texas face injection?

The name of this technique is attributed to Texas Americans because their features are characterized by a beautiful wide chin in accordance with The Shape of the face and its lateral lines.

Injection in Texas is ranked in the first place in the popularity of people in the world, and for this reason, medicine strives to find solutions to mask facial defects as much as possible in this regard.

The process is based on the following steps :

  • Determine the injection sites that differ depending on The Shape of the face.
  • A local anesthesia administered by a cream
  • Injection is a final step

Results are effective and fast :

  • There is no risk that it will be a non-surgical intervention.
  • It does not conflict with other operations, but is rather a complementary process to other operations.
  • There are no significant deformations after the operation.

The technique then does not depend on surgery, but only on injection, so it is not necessary to stay in the hospital or health center after the operation, but can also be performed in an aesthetic clinic.

These injections improve the contours of the bottom of the face and redefine the oval of the face.The result is immediate and improves in the following days, time necessary for the edema to disappear and the tissues to regain their natural flexibility.