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About teeth whitening

What are the causes of unwanted stains on teeth?

There could be many reasons. The most common; age, dental paint materials (coffee, tea, cola, tobacco, etc.) consumption, trauma, old dentures, or excessive consumption of fluoride can cause discoloration on the teeth.

To whom are bleaching procedures applicable?

Almost everyone! However, your dentist teeth with a full mouth check-up and diagnosis determine if it is appropriate for this process. 

 Methods of tooth whitening: What exactly are they?

2 types of methods are mainly used for this treatment.

1- office whitening (whitening done at the dentist’s control in the office)

the bleaching agent on the teeth, the active bleaching process applied is carried out with a laser source. 

2 bleaching of teeth treated with canals

This method consists mainly of a protective layer to protect the gums. The surfaces of the teeth exposed to the left of the chemical bleaching gel are applied by the dentist. Special light source is kept on the teeth for a certain period of time. The results are visible immediately after the procedure. This process is completed after the necessary cleaning done. 

Tooth whitening: is there a risk?

There is no risk involved. Extensive research and clinical studies indicate that tooth whitening under the supervision of a dentist is safe. In fact, many dentists consider whitening the safest cosmetic dental procedure available.

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