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About Stomach Botox

Botox injection into stomachs slows the speed at which food moves and allows you to stay full longer. It is one of the non-surgical methods of obesity that consists of an endoscopic application of Botox on the stomach. 

The goal of gastric botox is to provide patients with a longer feeling of satiety. In this way, the patient consumes fewer calories and indirectly loses weight. It is a much easier procedure as it is not surgical.

Stomach botox is a quick and easy process compared to gastric surgery. It takes about 20 minutes. It can also be repeated several sessions to increase the effect and lose even more weight with certain intervals in between.

We always recommend that you support the treatment with a good diet and exercise to achieve the best results possible. Gastric Botox will reduce your hunger, but if you do not follow a good diet and physical activity, it will not be enough on its own.

As with other weight loss treatments, Stomach Botox in Turkey is more affordable than most European countries due to currency differences. If you would like to have Stomach Botox treatment in Turkey, we would be happy to welcome you to Istanbul with our team of professionals available to take care of you.

Is this method suitable for everyone?

Anyone who is overweight can have stomach botox done by people who can only lose weight through exercise and want to lose weight easily.

 So anyone who wants to can get botox in their stomach?

It is an appropriate method for those who cannot lose weight properly with diet and sports.It is a much more effective method especially for overweight people with a body mass index between 27.5 and 40 KG.        

After gastric botox, patients are rested for 2 hours and continue their normal daily lives. As they do not encounter complex situations, they can easily continue their social life.

A decrease and control of appetite is obtained approximately 10 to 15 days after the application of gastric botox.

The gastric botox procedure is performed under sedation.For this reason, the patient does not feel any pain.

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