root canal therapy

Kok kanal tedavisi

About root canal therapy

Orthodontic appliances dental appliances

They help to correct aesthetic and functional problems that are related to poor positioning of the teeth. The dental appliance is made from several anchors that are attached to each tooth and connected by an arc.

1 / tooth extraction

Extraction is necessary in case of infection such as dental cysts, root fracture, severely loosened and very mobile tooth, tooth included, accident of evolution of wisdom teeth, can also be used for an orthodontic reason to save space to straighten the teeth.

2 / fixed and removable prostheses

Removable dentures :

They are used to replace one, several or all teeth. They are made of acrylic resin (total prosthesis) or an alloy of acrylic resin and VIT allium (partial prostheses).

Fixed prostheses or crowns

Crowns are used for the purpose of strengthening a tooth with a large fracture.

3 / implant placement

What is an implant ?

The dental implant is an artificial titanium root. This artificial root is then used as a natural root, on which an intermediate pillar is fixed, and then a crown.

What is the role of an implant ?

An implant can make up for the absence of one tooth, several teeth, or all teeth in the upper or lower jaw.

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