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About Liposuction

What is cosmetic surgery of the figure ?

Cosmetic surgery of the figure concerns all interventions aimed at improving the body overall, its volume and appearance. This surgery aims to improve certain areas to harmonize the silhouette and appearance of the body.

The particular interest of lipofilling for body remodeling surgery is to reduce the volume of excess areas to increase that of areas that lack it and thus harmonize the figure as well as possible.

Body remodeling techniques are performed to allow you to change the distribution of fat in your body. The goal is to dislodge stubborn fat from any area of the body and reshape your figure. Liposuction is a procedure that is in great demand among our patients.

If you are fighting to reduce unwanted fat, which resists exercise and healthy eating, this medical service comes as a reinforcement to reshape your body, help you have a better image of yourself and feel better about yourself.

If you want to have a more attractive flat stomach, abdominoplasty can be the perfect solution for you. Thanks to a combination of surgical procedures including liposuction, our doctors sculpt you a flat and tightened stomach as you dream. This procedure allows you to achieve a general improvement in the contour of your body.

Thigh lift

With age, the skin loses its elasticity. The thighs undergo a relaxation of the skin especially in the inner area. Thanks to surgery including liposuction, excess skin and fat can be dislodged from your thighs. We offer you the best solution to redefine the contour of your legs and restore their firmness through the advanced body remodeling techniques at the best aesthetic clinics in Istanbul.

Butt contouring or ” Brazilian Butt lift’

One of the criteria of femininity is found in the beautiful rounded curves of the buttocks. Several factors are responsible for the loss of buttocks volume in women namely: genetics, weight loss and lack of exercise. We have the best solution to this problem, reshaping the buttocks from your own fat taken from other areas of your body like the abdomen for a satisfactory and permanent result.