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Facial reconstruction and excisions of skin tumors affect delicate areas of the face such as eyelids, nose, lips or ears…

At the level of the face, apart from some important reconstructions, the resumption of daily activities can be done immediately.

Retained earnings

The reconstruction of the face by flap allows in many cases to avoid the use of skin grafts that are more visible. The correct placement of scars allows a real camouflage of it and makes the excision practically invisible after a few months.

What is facial reconstructive surgery ?

Facial reconstructive surgery brings together all the interventions aimed at repairing the sequelae of trauma, cancer and burns in the face :

Reconstruction of the scalp by flap

The flap of the scalp consists in taking from the region of the crown a band long 15 to 18 cm and wide of 3 cm approximately whose pedicle necessary for vascularization is not severed and which pivots around this pedicle to be placed in the region frontale.La removal area is immediately closed by playing on the elasticity of the scalp, making it invisible.

Eyelid Reconstruction

The goals of eyelid reconstruction are threefold:

  • First of all ensure adequate function of the eyelids,
  • Then offer eyeball protection,
  • Finally achieve acceptable aesthetic results

Reconstruction of the noseNose

reconstruction is a very common operation in reconstructive plastic surgery and esthétique.La reconstruction of the nose allows to reconstruct the nose after trauma or cancer. Nose reconstruction techniques are numerous and diverse and allow to achieve very good cosmetic and functional results.

Reconstruction of the cheeksCheek

reconstruction is very common in facial reconstructive plastic surgery. Indeed, the cheeks are the seat of many ailments.It is very important to be able to cover the loss of substances from the cheeks regardless of the mechanism and size of the loss of substance.

Reconstruction of the mouth

Surgical removal must remove the lesion completely with often safe margins of healthy skin. Indeed, the surgical technique and reconstruction processes can be different depending on the type of lesion.

Repair of ears and split lobe

Split lobes are a very common cause of ear reconstruction. The split lobe results from an alteration of the structure of the ear lobe or from trauma most often due to the wearing of earrings that are too heavy and deform the lobe.

The lobe appears as “cut in half”. Earlobe surgery includes the repair of the split earlobe, the correction of too elongated earlobes, and earlobe reconstructive surgery interventions.Intervention under local anesthesia that lasts about 30 minutes.

Who is it for ?

Facial reconstructive surgery is for patients who have suffered facial trauma or loss of substance in the face.